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When your AC unit doesn’t function like it used to, a professional can help you out.


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Your AC unit has an essential purpose during the warm seasons, and it is to provide cool air inside your home for a longer duration. But what happens when your AC unit is not doing its intended purpose? Of course, this will be a hassle in the days to come. Fortunately, Service Request Colorado Springs is here to help solve your problem. We provide services for the following:

  • Installation and replacement

  • Maintenance

  • Repair

We are a locally owned company, which means you’re going to have a local expert help you out.

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Acquiring our services

Having your unit fixed can happen in two ways:

The main problem could be that your HVAC system hasn't been adequately evaluated, which can only be done properly when you hire a precision heating and cooling CO service. Imagine spending your days and nights in a house that is either too cold or too hot because your HVAC system was not properly tested beforehand.

No one enjoys grinding their teeth or having their hands and feet numb from the cold in the winter. In the same way, no one enjoys sweating like a pig in the summer. Both of these conditions are incredibly aggravating and may be prevented with the assistance of a heating and air conditioner servicing in CO.

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  1. Going to our service center. Just bring your unit the very standard of our service, and we’ll get you sorted out.

  2. Home service. The optimal choice for those who have too much on their plate. Just fill out a form on our website, and we’ll get right with you. After filling out the form, we will send a technician to help you out with your unit.

AC repairs and installation

If your current unit is not working as it should be, then someone will be there to help you out and fix the problem right away. If repairs are required, you will be updated immediately. Servicing AC Colorado Springs has a complete set of parts, either the service area or the vehicle itself, making it convenient to diagnose the problem. If we think that your current unit needs to be replaced, we provide installation services.

AC maintenance

Making sure that your AC unit is properly maintained so that it will last longer. In addition, your filters should be changed every month. Some manufacturers have unique specifications in doing the maintenance. If tampered with in any way, the warranty and other benefits will be null and void.

Reasons why you need a new AC unit

Some people still endure the hot air during the summer season. Some homeowners would still try to save up on money by not replacing their old AC unit. They might think they are saving money, but it’s the other way around. In the long run, they’ll be spending more than they have to.

Here are some reasons for replacing your unit with a new one.

  1. The current unit that you have. Some AC units decline with time, meaning the longer you’ve had your team, the worse it performs. Your unit undergoes the inevitable wear and tear. The more you use your AC unit, in time, the cooling performance will also decline. When you notice these things, it’s about time to have them changed.

  2. Old units can have sudden breakdowns. Poor performance is the least of your worries. Your senior team is susceptible to premature breakdowns if you’re not diligent enough with your maintenance. The entire parts of your unit will be closer to malfunctioning. Holding onto your old team is more like a gamble. You’ll never know when it will start to act up, and it can be in the middle of the day on a hot summer or at night. Replacing your entire unit is the best solution.

  3. Wasting your money on endless repairs. You can have your unit repaired since your team is outdated; chances are there will be countless moments of having breakdowns and more repairs. Getting parts for your unit might be more difficult. Older units need more work, and diagnosing it is a big problem with all the obsolete parts.

  4. A newer unit means more efficiency. More unique AC units have a new built-in system the recognizes the temperature of the room. When your room reaches the maximum temperature required, it will maintain its temperature until no one is in the room. The unit will automatically shut down.

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