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AC Repair Colorado Springs CO has been in the business for decades, and we have experienced and handled a wide range of air conditioner problems that homeowners and business owners have suffered. Our clients have been trusting us to provide them with prompt, reliable, and cost-effective repairs. And because air conditioners are essential in every home, especially during the summer season, they often get damaged or experience malfunctioning. As a homeowner, it is crucial to identify the common air conditioning problems so that you will be able to determine when to call a professional service to help you fix your air conditioning system. Here are some of the common air conditioner problems that homeowners often experience:

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Thermostat Problems

Thermostat problems may occur, especially if you have the old dial-type thermostats when they are incorrectly calibrated. This means your air conditioner is not receiving the right instruction from its control system. You can easily fix this problem by adjusting your thermostats or replacing them. However, if you have new programmable thermostats, check the instructions thoroughly and ensure you set your thermostat correctly because these types are tricky to set, and you may program them incorrectly.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is used to remove the heat and humidity from the air in your home. If your refrigerant leaks, you will not have enough refrigerant to cool the air effectively. Adding or replacing your refrigerant will not fix this problem completely. A professional technician is needed to find the leaks and fix the holes in the lines, which may take some time and money, especially when there are several leaks. You may contact our experts at AC Repair Colorado Springs CO to help you fix your problem with your refrigerant.

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Dirty Filter

An air conditioner filter is essential in keeping the airflow free from dust and pollutants. Dirt can build up in your filter, making it clogged and restricts the airflow. Once your filter is clogged, it will decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system and reduce its ability to cool the air effectively. This problem is very common, and it is normal as it indicates that your air conditioning system is working properly. Always keep your air filter clean to prevent dirt from building up and clogging your filter. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations about changing and cleaning the air filter.

Water Leaks Indoors

Water leaking from your air conditioner’s indoor unit indicates that your maintenance is overdue. Water leaks from your air conditioning system might be because the condensate drain is clogged up due to fungi or algae, which causes the water to back up the piper and into your home. Another possible reason why water leaks in your system is because your condensate pump might have been completely damaged and need a replacement.

These are just some of the common AC problems that many homeowners encounter. So, suppose your air conditioning system is experiencing any issues. In that case, it is best to contact a professional to assess your system and the problem to determine what is the best solution for your problem. Experts at AC Repair Colorado Springs are always available to provide you with fast and reliable repair anytime. With decades of experience, you can rest assured that your air conditioning will function effectively and last longer.

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