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Are you looking for the best air conditioning company in Colorado Springs that offers quality service at an affordable price? Do you want excellent workmanship and installation by professionals? If yes, then we HVAC Colorado Springs is the solution to your problem. We have an excellent reputation in this industry for offering quality service at the best prices our clients love. Our professional, experienced, and dedicated team can handle all kinds of work, including air conditioning and heating system installation and repairs for both residential and commercial properties. We are a top-rated aircon installation company in Colorado Springs.

Our decades of experience and expertise allow us to understand the certain requirements of both residential and commercial buildings. Whether you are planning for new construction or renovating your property, we offer the ideal solution for your budget. We guarantee that the job will be completed within the fastest possible time with minimal impact on your family or business.

HVAC Colorado Springs aims to help home and business owners keep their property cool and comfortable for their families and employees. Regardless if you need help in installing or fixing your air conditioning system, our professional team will provide you with an affordable and lasting solution.

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Install Your AC In Quick Steps

We offer customized help to our clients in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas with problems with their cooling and heating system. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, so we offer fast and efficient AC installation and services at affordable rates. So, if you are not satisfied with your previous service provider, HVAC Colorado Spring is the team best to call and allow us to give you the best experience.

We Are Your One-Stop Solution

At HVAC Colorado Springs Co, we are committed to providing the highest quality of customer service and reliability. We have an expert team of highly qualified and professional electricians and mechanics who are dedicated to providing quality residential and commercial installations, repairs, and maintenance; and we have been working with all leading air conditioning brands, and we completely understand how to fix and install various systems in non-traditional settings, including commercial and industrial properties in Colorado Springs that may need a particular combination of air conditioning units to match the location.

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Your Safety is our Priority

Your heating and cooling system involves gas and high voltage. And when these components are working properly, they make our lives comfortable. However, when something goes wrong, you and your family’s safety is at serious risk. Our experts will assess your system to ensure there are no gas leaks, water leaks, dirty filters, or thermostats wear and tear. We will ensure that every component of your heating and cooling system is working properly to make sure your home and family are safe and secured.

Better Indoor Air Quality

A properly working heating and cooling system not only gives comfort to your property but also contributes to better indoor air quality. If you have children, the elderly, or someone with a weak immune system, it is best to keep your air conditioning system working properly to prevent your loved ones from being exposed to pollutants that can harm their health.

At HVAC Colorado Springs CO, we take pride in serving Colorado Springs-area homes and businesses and help them ensure the safety and comfort of everyone and provide the best possible service. We will ensure your cooling system is functioning properly to regulate the humidity level in your property and prevent mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus, and viruses from harming your loved ones.


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We provide preventative maintenance to keep your HVAC system function properly and help them last longer.

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Air Conditioning

We are an expert in air conditioning system installation, maintenance, and repairs in Colorado Springs.

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Whether you need to install a new unit or fix your existing one, our experts will come to your home immediately to provide you quality service.

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With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we are knowledgeable in installing and fixing HVAC systems in any setting.

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New Construction

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Repair and Replacement

At HVAC Colorado Springs CO, we offer fast, reliable, and professional installation, maintenance, repair, and services for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

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Our experts can install all types and models of ventilation, heating, and cooling systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.




At HVAC Colorado Springs Co, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients in Colorado Springs. So, you can rest assured that you will get excellent results.



All of our specialists are licensed and certified to ensure they deliver excellent service.



We always prioritize safety when working with your ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system.



Our clients have been trusting us in providing them exceptional services for their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system because we have been in the business for many years.



We have staff available to answer all your inquiries immediately, and we will provide you our services whenever you need us.



We offer affordable maintenance, repairs, and installation to ensure your home is comfortable and safe.


Best HVAC System

The HVAC system is an essential component of your home since it keeps you warm or cool and comfortable all year round. Let our team help you find the best HVAC system in Colorado Springs.

Best Home Air Conditioner Colorado Spring

When the temperature outside begins to rise, it is simple to see why air conditioning is a must-have for home comfort, especially if you live in a humid climate.



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“My HVAC unit was serviced today by these professionals. Their team is an excellent representative of the company. They are all professional, courteous, friendly, and knowledgable. I am completely delighted with their service.”

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“They arrived really quickly after the moment I called. They were extremely pleasant and patiently answered all of my inquiries. I highly suggest this company!”


How often should you change your furnace filter?

The furnace filter prevents airborne contaminants from entering the heating and cooling systems. As a result, the air quality also becomes better. The furnace filter should be replaced as often as recommended by the manufacturer, which means there is no one frequency to follow for all types and sizes. However, you can follow this general guideline:

  • Up to 2 inches - 1 to 3 months
  • Up to 4 inches - 6 to 9 months
  • Up to 6 inches - 9 to 12 months
How often should you clean your air ducts in Colorado Springs?

Air duct cleaning should be done every 3 to 5 years. Mold and pollution buildup can cause allergic reactions, which is a health hazard to your family. Even high-end filters cannot completely prevent debris buildup, which can still find their way into the system through other ways. In terms of when to clean your air ducts, experts recommend that you choose a season or period in Colorado Springs when you are less likely to need your system. The HVAC cleaning contractors will have more time to spend on cleaning your ducts properly.

How often should you change air filter in the house?

In general, your home’s air filter should be changed every 60-90 days. However, consider the number of pets, allergies in the family, and other factors. If you have several pets or a family member has severe allergies, the ideal frequency is 20-60 days. If you are staying in a vacation home in a rural area, you can wait up to 12 months to change your filter.

How much does it cost to replace an air conditioner compressor in Colorado Springs?

Replacing an air conditioning compressor in Colorado Springs costs around $1,200 on average. The range is $800 to $2,800, with parts and labor making up half of the price. The replacement part can cost $800 to $1,600 and labor from $400 to $1,200. Aside from these factors, the process is also time-consuming, with contractors asking $50 to $150 per hour, which also adds to the overall cost. Ask your AC’s manufacturer if the compressor is covered by the warranty. In most cases, compressors are covered if the AC is less than 10 years old.

How often should air conditioning units be serviced?

Air conditioning units should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year, regardless of the type or brand. Picking the right season to service the air conditioning prevents inconveniences, which is why many homeowners in Colorado Springs prefer to do this in springtime. However, experts recommend doing minor cleaning and maintenance works by yourself, in between the annual servicing. You can change the air filter, clean indoor vents, and see if your AC is performing well. In case you notice issues, call experts as soon as possible.

How often should you service your HVAC?

The heating and air conditioning parts of your HVAC system should be serviced once a year. Since each portion is used in different seasons of the year, your HVAC system will need to get serviced twice. The air conditioning ideally should be serviced in the spring and the heater during the fall. Make sure to hire an HVAC expert in Colorado Springs to perform inspections and maintenance works. While most homeowners think that annual servicing is not worth it, experts can tell you that maintenance provides you comfort, convenience, and safety.

How to test car AC evaporator?

A leaking AC evaporator is typically the cause of a further malfunction. The best option for this issue is to have it replaced right away. If you are not sure whether your AC evaporator is performing well or not, call your trusted car AC expert in Colorado Springs or you can do these yourself:

  • Use a UV A/C leak detection kit and follow the packaging instructions.
  • Check all fittings, hose manifolds, front seal, hoses, Schrader Valves, condensation drainage.
  • Inspect the AC condenser for refrigerant leaks that limit the flow of the refrigerant.
How to check for AC leak?

To check if there is any leak in your air conditioning system, you can perform the following detection tests: Dye Detection, Electronic Detection, Nitrogen Detection, Bubble Detection, or Oil Detection. Choose a leak detection method that is suitable for your budget. Here are the signs that your AC might be leaking:

  • The air pressure is low.
  • The refrigerant is leaking.
  • The air is not cooling.
What does an AC tune up include?

Maintenance varies depending on the contractor’s services, but most HVAC service providers offer similar tasks. The standard maintenance tasks performed in Colorado Springs include the following:

  1. Check refrigerant charge levels, airflow, and leaks.
  2. Ensure electrical components are in good condition and working properly.
  3. Inspect individual parts and connections.
  4. Check for unusual color, markings, or bulging on the run capacitor.
  5. Clean outdoor condenser coil and indoor evaporator coil when necessary.
  6. Clean the condensate drainage system
  7. Adjust and clean blower components
  8. Clean or replace air filters.

Tuning up your HVAC keeps your system working well and ensures your furnace or air conditioner is at its optimal capacity when you need them most. With a properly working system, you prevent expensive repairs, reduce heating and cooling costs, and add years to your HVAC system’s lifespan.

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